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Gifts Discernment Committee

The Gifts Discernment Team is charged with filling lay leadership positions in the church. This process involves garnering nominations from members and approaching those persons affirmed by the community. The aim is to honor church members’ gifts and passions, encourage personal growth, and preserve a diverse community with a balance of age, gender, and church tenure. 

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is responsible for the AMC meeting house, including maintenance, rental management, visioning and design of our physical space. The committee's goal is to practice good stewardship of resources while creating a beautiful, safe meeting place for the church, daycare, and community.  

Service Adventure Support Committee

AMC has hosted a Service Adventure unit in Albuquerque for the last twelve years. Service Adventure is a service/learning program of Mennonite Mission Network tailored to young adults ages 17-20. The Support Committee serves as a liaison with MMN, providing resources and moral support to the participants and leaders. 

Finance Committee

AMC's Finance Committee is composed of a few AMC members and our Treasurer. Their charge is to craft the annual budget (subject to approval by the Stewardship Council) and address any monetary issues that might arise throughout the year.