Who We Are


Albuquerque Mennonite Church (AMC) is a community of nearly 200 Christians who believe strongly in the connections between peacemaking and justice, and the Kingdom of God that Jesus talked about and lived out.

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Part of a Broader Church

We are part of Mennonite Church USA, a denomination of approximately 105,000 members in 950 congregations scattered across the United States.

Mennonites are heirs of the Anabaptist movement in 16th-century Europe that believed following Jesus (among other things) requires the rejection of a church-state symbiosis, the use of coercion, and governmental and military power systems. It encourages voluntary adult membership, active peacemaking, restorative justice, respect for creation and simplicity.

Along with the Friends (Quakers) and the Church of the Brethren we represent the historic peace church tradition in North America. We are also part of a larger world-wide community of nearly 1.6 million who gather under the umbrella of Mennonite World Conference

More Information on Mennonites

Want to learn more about Mennonites? Visit this site for an entertaining primer, or watch the video below.