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Newcomer Orientation

Our worship service runs from 9:30 am to 11:00 am every Sunday morning, followed by a "second hour" of refreshments and education for adults, children and youth.

Sunday morning dress reflects the greater New Mexican culture: eclectic and laid-back. Some people arrive in casual garb (shorts/jeans) others go "churchy" (dresses, ties). Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable for worship.

Worship Service

AMC generally follows the following format for our worship services:

  • Gathering - songs, announcements, introduction of visitors, readings
  • Proclamation - scripture, children’s story, offering, message
  • Response to God’s Love - songs, community and global prayers
  • Sending - songs, benediction

Small Groups

AMC considers relationships at a smaller, more intimate scale to be critical for spiritual development and the life of the community. Small groups come in a variety of forms and flavors, from book clubs and Bible studies to service groups, women's groups and softball teams. These groups are typically created and revisited each fall at our annual church retreat at the end of August. Click here for the list of current small group. (Note: This link is under the members only section. To request a user name and password, email [email protected])

AMC Membership

Church “membership" is an ambiguous concept in the 21st century. At best it indicates a voluntary and enthused commitment to a local discipleship community that encourages us in our faith journeys. At worst it connotes heavy organization and submitting to the authority of church structures. Our hope is that we lean towards the best.

At AMC we don’t assume life-long membership. We do feel it is important to be intentional about our commitment to belong to a local church that encourages and mutually supports one another in our journeys as followers of Jesus.

As a result, we invite current members to re-covenant with the congregation each January. People interested in becoming members for the first time attend a series of inquiry classes preceding Covenant Sunday, at which time interested individuals can sign the AMC Covenant.