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End of Life Resources

Though your plan to live forever may be working so far, we all have to face the inevitable sooner or later. What can you do to make things easier on your survivors and insure your wishes will not be buried with you when you die? 

Here are a list of end-of-life preparedness resources culled by AMC's Healing Ministries Team: 

Online Guides

Your Conversation Starter Kit: www.TheConversationProject.org

A Good Goodbye Planning Form: www.AGoodGoodbye.com

State-Specific Advance Directives: www.caringinfo.org

Estate Planning Consultant - www.hesston.edu/plannedgiving

Everence Planning --

Your will

Everence will preparation benefit




Survivor's Checklist

Survivor's Checklist Version 2

Mini Memoir Suggestions

Categories of Information for Your Survivors

Newspaper Obituary Information

Final Directions for Albuquerque Mennonite Church

Article by Elena Yoder, Hospice Chaplain and Grief Counselor

Death and Spirituality: Making Peace with Death

Other Articles

What to Do When a Loved One Dies

Charitable Gift Guide

Charitable Bequest Guide