Tradition and anticipation

  • I was the child in my family who was always the first riser on Christmas morning. My parents sternly instructed me that I couldn’t get out of bed until my siblings woke and I remember many pre-dawn frustrations as I tried to figure out how to wake my brother so I could get up. Christmas is/was a great time for me. Tradition and the anticipation provided me with yin-yang that generated...

'Onward, through the Fog'

  • My first call as an ordained minister fresh out of seminary was to the LVCCM in Las Vegas, N.M. This was an ecumenical Protestant campus (New Mexico Highlands University) and community (Las Vegas, N.M., and the surrounding countryside) ministry. A community ministry we offered was a Sunday night dinner. It took place at “The Upstairs” on Bridge Street in West Las Vegas, our campus/...


  • In the Roman Catholic church’s calendar of Festivals and Holy Days, August 6th is the celebration of The Feast of the Transfiguration. The Gospel text for the day is the story of Jesus going up on the mountain with three disciples to be enveloped by the glory of God and embraced by the Love at the heart of all things. In the Common Lectionary that AMC follows, this Transfiguration text...

Welcoming Light and Shadow

The 'Future Church'


    This Sunday we’ll hear from Katie, Ken and Leona about their adventures at the (Mennonite Church USA) Convention in Orlando. The focus was on the ‘future church.’ The process was a marvel to behold that harvested the seeds the Spirit planted in the brothers and sisters...

Of yokes and burdens

  • “ My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

    These are Jesus’ words to the crowds from our lectionary reading for this Sunday. I’ve always been intrigued by this and will work with it in the message on Sunday. Here is a bit of information which you may find interesting or even helpful.

    The last section where Jesus talks about yokes and burdens (vss 28-30)...

Live the Given Life

  • “ We live the given life, and not the planned” -- Wendell Berry, This Day: Collected & New Sabbath Poems 1979-2013


A Wedding in the Village

  • “ Sunrise sunset, sunrise, sunset!
       Swiftly fly the years,
       One season following another,
       Laden with happiness and tears..."
       -- Fiddler on the Roof

    During my college days at Trinity...

Shock, Upheaval and Our Daily Work

  • This is the reading for today, June 15th, from my Smart phone app from the Taize Community in France (Taize Readings).

    “ Although there may well be shocks and even upheavals in our lives, Jesus the Christ is present by his Holy Spirit. He will always say to us: “Even when you are going through the harshest trial, I am present underneath your despair …...

Trinity Sunday

  • June 11th, Trinity Sunday.

    There are times when I wonder why the ebb and flow of the Church’s liturgical year goes the way it goes. This Sunday is one of those “I wonder why now?" Sundays. Pentecost was celebrated last Sunday and now this Sunday is Trinity Sunday. Why does the emphasis and the readings go from the gift of the Holy Spirit one week to the...