Pentecost 2017

You send forth your Spirit [Breath], and they are created;

and so you renew the face of the earth. (Psalm 104:.31, NRSV)

This Sunday at AMC we gather to celebrate Pentecost, the gift of the Holy Spirit, that birthed the Church two thousand years ago in the streets of Jerusalem. In the wild flurry of winds and flames, Luke tells how Jesus’ gift of the Holy Spirit that day blew open the doors and windows in the minds and hearts of those present. Barriers and walls were broken down. Between people. Between genders. Between races and ethnicities. Between conceptions and ideas of what God’s Law required and what God’s heart desired. Between what they’d been told was possible and what their imaginations could envision and create. And the good news for us today is Pentecost goes on.

Our day will include sharing the bread and cup as we “are all together in one place (Acts 1:1). The gifts of grace, love and peace come in the common, everyday basics of human life together. Food and community shared. Out of the good earth, blessed by water and sun, grow the plants and vines. Humans harvest their fruits and transform them into millet-chia gluten-free bread and grape juice. These feed our physical bodies as the holy mystery feeds our spirits.

We also will sign our Membership Covenant as part of the Communion. It is the gift of our commitment to one another and to our Creator. Signing the covenant is our public witness that for this leg our faith journey, we choose to make it here at Albuquerque Mennonite Church with these particular and peculiar people. It means we will do our part of the work, bear each other’s burdens, share our gifts and give and receive love. Though not everyone chooses to sign the covenant, everyone is part of the AMC community. We know we are all in different places in our journeys and that is a rich blessing.

As it is the Sunday for our Care Groups, the Pentecost Celebration will end as we break into our groups. We’ve been invited by the Pastor Nominating Committee to consider and respond to two questions that will give the them guidance as they prepare to present a candidate to be our new pastor. One of the marks of Pentecost is our trust that the Holy Spirit speaks through our diverse voices as we share what is on our hearts.

My prayer this Pentecost is for the Holy Spirit to sustain, renew, transform and transfigure each of us, the community that is AMC, the world-wide Christian church, and the whole creation. 

-- Ed K.

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