The 'Future Church'


This Sunday we’ll hear from Katie, Ken and Leona about their adventures at the (Mennonite Church USA) Convention in Orlando. The focus was on the ‘future church.’ The process was a marvel to behold that harvested the seeds the Spirit planted in the brothers and sisters gathered there. I’m looking forward to Katie’s stories as one immersed in it and to Ken and Leona’s stories as ones watching from the edges and margins.

The parable from Matthew for this Sunday, 13:1-9, 18-23, is one of Jesus’ many agricultural stories. It is called the parable of the sower or the parable of the 4 soils or the parable of the miraculous harvest. Let me suggest that as we think about the ‘future’ of the church, be it AMC, the Mennonite Church USA or the church throughout the world, we explore what we understand the seeds to be.

Are you and I, as disciples, the seeds? Are we the sower and are the seeds our words and actions in the world on behalf of the Kingdom. Are we soil? Which of the four soils are we then? Are the seeds pieces of the Kingdom planted in the world with some that fail miserable and some the succeed beyond wildest imaginations?

A wonderful parable to wonder around in! 

-- Ed K.


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